Helping youth and marginalised groups to think critically about what is important to them and provide them with the confidence and the skills to capture their narrative visually in the ‘zine’ format.

Zinester SPEcializes in giving a voice to marginalized and hard to reach groups of people through a co-creative process that involves training participants to create their own Zines (DIY Magazines).
Combining citizen journalism with participant lead research methodologies (and a dash of agitprop wizardry  Zinester is on a mission to use the co-creative process to unlock insights into the lives of those it works with.
Guiding participants to take photographs and make mash up artistic collages Zinester provides each storyteller with the tools they need to express themselves visually and the confidence they need to stand up and speak out.
By exploring their work and the encounters they have had, often with members of their own communities Zinester can better understand the way our co-creators think, feel and perceive about the unique and discreet worlds they inhabit.
The insights generated by our work are used by NGOs and community based organisations to generate powerful social communications campaigns and inform effective behavioural change campaigns.


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